Live football results on your mobile by Megabet.
Get Half-Time(HT), Full-Time(FT) and Goals SMS alerts for football matches in the Cypriot, all major European, FIFA and UEFA leagues by Megabet.

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Select the Country, the Division the Team and then the matches for which you wish to be informed.

Log in to MyCyta account so that you can proceed with the service activation.
Alternative ways
- Send GOAL [Country] [Division] [Team] to number 1000.
- Activation: Send an SMS to 1000 with the wording: ON GOAL [Country] [Division] [Team]
- Απενεργοποίηση: Send an SMS to 1000 with the wording: OFF GOAL [Country] [Division] [Team]
Goal Sports SMS Subscribe 0,10
Goal Correction Sports SMS Alert 0,10
Goal Sports SMS Unsubscribe 0,10
Goal Sports SMS Request 0,10
Goal Sports SMS Alert 0,10
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