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Introduction to Cytavision

How do I subscribe to Cytavision?

You can subscribe to Cytavision in one of the following ways:

  1. By contacting the Cyta Call Centre on 132.
  2. By visiting any Cytashop in Cyprus.
  3. By ordering online from
How do I choose the best package for me?

Cytavision offers a plethora of channels in all viewing categories, enabling subscribers to watch Cypriot and Greek channels as well as those in the General Interest, Movies & TV Series, Documentaries, Children’s Programmes, News, Music and Sports categories. Furthermore, Premium channels with adult content may be added to the basic package. Cytavision offers three packages for domestic customers.

Detailed information on the packages, the channels included in each one and the monthly charges can be found at

What are the main facilities that Cytavision offers?

Cytavision offers the following:

  1. Live transmission of TV channels in Standard, High and Ultra-High Definition.
  2. Live transmission of football matches either as part of the Super pack or via Pay per View.
  3. Cytavision Go enables you to watch Cytavision away from home in Cyprus and abroad.
  4. Video on Demand lets you rent Movies & TV Series to watch on TV and mobile devices.
  5. Video Recording allows you to record and store your favourite programme, which you can watch whenever you want.
  6. Catch-Up TV up to 7 days: If you miss a programme you can go back and watch it up to 7 days after its original screening.
  7. Pause & Continue: You can interrupt your viewing for a while and continue later from the point at which you stopped.
  8. Restart: If you miss part of a programme, you can restart it from the beginning.
  9. Reminders can be activated for programmes or series you don’t want to miss.
  10. Profiles can be created for all members of the family, enabling them to watch their own Cytavision programmes on their own devices.
  11. Parental Control is available so that you can protect family members from unsuitable content.
How much does each package cost?
Detailed information on the packages, the channels included in each one and the monthly charges can be found at