Bundle of Selective call rejection & Caller ID

Bundle product of Selective Call Rejection & Caller ID lets you choose the numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls on your fixed telephone.

With the bundle product, you can create a list of unwanted numbers. Each time a call is made to you from one of these selected numbers, even if the number is withheld, it is automatically diverted to a recorded message without bothering you at all.

Activation, deactivation and/or modifications to the list of numbers can be carried out by you.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection Fee€ 11,90Once Off
Subscription€ 3,57Monthly
Note: Prices include VAT.
In broadband telephony (Telephony and Telephony Plus products) you can choose up to twelve numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls on your fixed telephone (national and international numbers).

You can manage your list from MyCyta or contact the Cyta Call Centre at 132.

The bundle product of Selective Call Rejection & Caller ID is available to Cyta Broadband Telephony subscribers (Telephony and Telephony Plus products) who submit an application.
See who is calling you before you answer
Choose which calls you want to answer.

Stay protected...
From unwanted calls, annoying and insulting behaviour.

Take control of your telephone line...
By deciding from whom you will accept calls.
For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.