Unique adult entertainment for all tastes!

Enjoy rich erotic content, through the two additional packages, exclusively for Cytavision subscribers.

All adult content is available only via a set-top box connection and once adult content viewing is enabled (see how to below).

The packages use a parental control code that protects viewing by minors.

Movie subscription package

Movie subscription package

Get access to 180+ top adult movies for €7.90/month.

Enjoy movies with erotic content through categories that cover all tastes for a "spicier" television pleasure. The content is updated every month.

AdultTime is a brand recognized in the adult film industry for the quality of its content.

Channels subscription package

Channels subscription package

Get access to 4 elite channels of erotic content for the richest adult entertainment for the price of €7.90/month:

  • Sirina TV - the hottest Greek sensual movies and selected foreign films,
  • Hustler TV - non-stop adult entertainment from the most famous production houses, with very popular parodies and latest releases,
  • Redlight TV - excellent entertainment for adults, with European and Italian productions and
  • Private TV - with selected movies of high-quality erotic content.
How to activate adult content subscription packages

Activate one or both adult content packs through one of the ways listed below:

  1. From your TV. Press the home button on your remote control and select: My Account Settings Manage Subscriptions. Choose the package you want (AdultTime Movies Pack or Adult Pack) and enter your Purchase Code when asked for. Your purchase is now complete. Make sure you have also turned on viewing adult content (see how to below).
  2. By ordering from a Cyta shop.
  3. By phone order at 132.
  4. With an online order by pressing "Order" above, at the package you are interested in.
Turn on viewing adult content

Press the home button on your remote control and select: My Account Edit Profiles Admin (Admin). Then slide the bar to the right at Show Adult Content. Once you are asked, enter your Parent Code and your activation is complete.

By activating the viewing of adult content, you have free access to the Blue HUSTLER channel.
In addition, you can access Cytavision's Video on Demand (VoD) library and rent the movie of your choice.