Chronology of Telecoms

In today’s constantly changing environment, one that is marked by intense competition, Cyta - the top provider of Total Electronic Communications in Cyprus - continues to make progress and, through its achievements, to confirm its leading role in the sector. Its strategy focuses on its customers, their lives and needs, which is why it continues to invest in cutting-edge technology, in constantly enhancing customer service and in the provision of modern services inspired by the convergence of telecommunications, IT and multimedia at cost-based prices. In parallel with its efforts to maintain and reinforce its entrepreneurial superiority and its contribution towards making Cyprus a telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyta has engaged in a marked amount of social activity in recent years, providing support to a number of sectors including Sport, Health, Education, the Environment, Culture, Research and Technology.

1871 First submarine telegraph cable is laid between Cyprus and Syria (Ayios Theodoros - Lattakia).

1878 A second submarine telegraph cable between Cyprus and Egypt (Larnaca - Alexandria) is laid.

1911 Appearance of the first telephones, which were connected to small government or private networks.

1925 Installation of the first private telephone network in Limassol by George Yiordamlis. It provided service to about 100 subscribers in the town of Limassol.

1928 A third submarine telegraph cable, laid between Larnaca and Haifa, is put into operation.

1936 Introduction of manual public telephony by Cable & Wireless Ltd.

1951 Automatic dialing within local areas is introduced in Nicosia. Other cities follow within the decade.

Introduction of international radiotelephony.

1955 Establishment of the Cyprus Inland Telecommunications Authority (C.I.T.A.), a Corporate Body, which undertakes the provision of inland telecommunications.

1961 C.I.T.A. is renamed into the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) following the take over of external telecommunications from Cable and Wireless Ltd.

Cyprus becomes a member of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation) where it is represented by CYTA.

1963 Cyprus becomes a member of CEPT (European Commission of Posts and Telecommunications) where it is represented by CYTA.

1968 The Cyprus-Greece tropospheric link is established

1969 Introduction of the Telex Service.

1971 Introduction of Islandwide Automatic Telephony.