We care about the Society

We believe in humanity and in the power of communication. We develop products and services that enhance, empower and facilitate communication between people and at the same time contribute to the country’s digital transformation. We are expanding the geographical coverage of our networks in order to provide access to the maximum percentage of the population and we provide technological facilities to increase connectivity across all social strata, by supporting digital inclusion.

Cyta Mobile Shop

Cyta Mobile Shop

Cyta is reaching out to people in the mountainous areas, offering easy access to in-store services.  See travel schedule.


Effortless, Uncomplicated Applications

We keep upgrading our services and applications to accommodate the expectations of our users promptly and effortlessly: My Cyta app, Cytavision TV App and CytavisionGo.

Cyta offers educational programmes for online safety to all schools of primary, secondary and technical education. During the lectures, students are introduced to basic online services, the Internet’s advantages and disadvantages and new online applications.

What is more, lectures about the Internet and its safe use are specifically addressed to parents, agencies involved in child education as well as other organised bodies. The lectures include a reference to the free Safe Internet service designed to protect children from illegal online content.

Our new service, Safe Internet for home, enables you to protect children from illegal, unwanted and harmful Internet content on any device connected to the Internet through the Internet Home service at your home. Devices include laptops, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. that will access the Internet via your home Wi-Fi or wired network.

The Safe Internet for schools service affords you the option to apply filters on all personal computers at school and enables you to create different user profiles by configuring which content categories cannot be accessed from school and which PC applications will not be available for use. Also, user statistics and tables with filtering results can be obtained through this service.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Cyta closely follows all developments in the health sector and wishes to provide its customers and staff with access to services and applications that will add value to their quality of life and preserve their health to the extent possible. In this context, the Lifepal application is hosted within Cyta’s data centres, taking all measures to safeguard the users’ personal data, including the provision of cybersecurity services.

SafeWeb is provided with Internet Home products and for mobile data so as to enhance security as you browse the Internet. Reinforced protection safeguards your Internet connection by blocking access to malicious websites that:

  • are designed to infect devices with malicious software and viruses
  • aim to steal personal information, financial data or passwords

The National Diversity Charter in the Workplace makes part of the Erasmus+ “DIMAIN” European Programme. Its National Partner is the Center for Social Innovation. The aim of the Charter is to promote management of diversity and inclusion as well as to ensure that equal opportunities are offered in the workplace.

By signing the Charter, Cyta becomes a pioneer not only in the Communications field but also in the fields of Responsibility and Sustainability, making an emphatic statement about the gravity of these areas.