Together in the Important
and Everyday moments

Cyta, the official sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC) and the national team participating in the Olympic Games, is once again supporting the athletes representing Cyprus at the TOKYO 2020 Games (23 July - 8 August 2021).

In an effort to promote the Olympic values and to shed light on the incomparable endeavours and personal sacrifices made by those who qualify for the Olympic Games, we have produced a series of 12 short films in conjunction with the COC entitled “The Olympic journey TOKYO 2020”.

Twelve top Cypriot Olympic Athletes movingly recall the highlights of their personal participation in the Olympic Games, revealing their determination, courage and persistence to achieve their best and refusing to let any obstacle get in their way. The experiences they share, together with their dedication to the Olympic ideals, are a source of inspiration to us all, in whatever area we may be struggling to succeed.

We wish good health and strength to our athletes who will be giving their very best as they represent their country at the biggest sporting event in the world.

You have already made us proud!

Good luck everyone! Good luck Cyprus!

Below you can watch the 12 short films, each featuring one of our sportsmen and women, and an additional one of them all together.