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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Innovation is a strategic pillar of the leading companies that work towards sustainable development and is essential for maximizing the value of organizations that are in a transition stage, facing a number of challenges. Recognizing this challenge, Cyta has included business Innovation as an important pillar of the company’s strategy.

Vision of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center:
To make Cyta a champion of entrepreneurial Innovation in Cyprus, helping to create an innovation ecosystem, where through strategic partnerships with private and public entities, business angels, universities and investors , we will be able to convert ideas into start-ups, fueling the future development of both the organization’s and the country’s.


Developing innovative products and services within a larger and well-established organization.


Idea development with funding as the ultimate purpose.

Shots of inspiration

Forty-five minute presentations, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.


Relevant articles, competition and event announcements as well as references to Cyta’s Innovation and Idea Development Center.
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