We care about the Environment

We pledge to offer products and services that contribute to sustainable development and are conducive to the minimisation of the environmental impact.
Our systematic actions and initiatives have yielded significant results, earning recognition and acclaim for the Organisation.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Zero Waste to Landfill" certificate

For the sixth consecutive year, Cyta was awarded the “Zero Waste to Landfill” certificate! The certification is issued to businesses recycling more than 95% of their waste. In 2021, Cyta managed to reuse or recycle 98,6% of its waste, its highest rate so far.

Green offices

“Green Οffices”

Cyta has obtained Green Office certification for its 49 manned buildings. Among other things, the certification requires the application and maintenance of strict criteria related to the consumption of energy, water and paper, rationalised waste management, environmental education etc.

Δενδροφυτεύσεις για κάθε νέα σύνδεση Cytavision

Tree Planting for each new Cytavision Connection

In the context of the “Let’s Make Cyprus Green” initiative, we plant trees across various communities, in forest areas and municipalities, equivalent to 10% of new Cytavision connections.

Gold Protector of the Environment for 2022 2022

Cyta has been awarded the “Golden Protector of the Environment” award for 2021 by the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE).
It has also garnered four awards at the CY GPP AWARDS 2022, the Green Public Procurement Contest organised by the Ministry of the Environment.

Four Awards in the CY GPP AWARDS 2022 Green Public Procurement Competition organized by the Department of Environment


Cyta won an Award for Integrated Green Procurement/Supplies Policy. In the same event, Cyta was presented with an additional three awards in “Market Categories”, more specifically in Vehicles, Tyres and Air-Conditioners.  
Three gold awards, one silver award and one bronze award at Cyprus’s Responsible Business Awards 2022.

Three gold, one silver and one bronze award at the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2022


Three gold awards in the “Recycling” Category for “Organisation and Support of Recycling Actions for Sustainable Development”; in the “Zero Waste” Category as the “First Organisation in Cyprus with Zero Waste to Landfill”; and in the “Waste Management” Category for “Holistic and Structured Waste Management”. Cyta also won a silver award in the “Structured Environment/Green Buildings” Category for “Green Buildings and Offices Certification” and a bronze award in the General Category for “Strategic Partnerships for the Protection of Biodiversity in Cyprus”.

Biodiversity is the variety of ecosystems, species and genes in the world or within a specific habitat. It is a factor of vital importance for the prosperity of humanity due to the ecosystemic services it provides, such as pollination, climate regulation, flood prevention protection, soil fertility and the production of food, fuel, fibers and medicines.

A Strategic Partner of the Cyprus Forest Association for the upgrade and protection of biodiversity in Cyprus, Cyta has adopted and endorses the following actions:

Actions to Protect Bats by installing an on-line camera system, restoring an abandonned mine tunnel in Troodos, and building and placing 35 Bat Boxes in parks, forests and residential areas.

Apoidea Park in the area of Athalassa Park, built by the Cyprus Forest Association with the support of Cyta. The protection of bees is of the highest strategic importance for the survival of the human species. The park’s area is approximately 2000 m2 and is located on state forestland. Apiculture varieties (trees, shrubs, flowers) have been planted in order to create a plantation with enough food for apoidea all year long.  A system of automatic irrigation has been installed in the plantation whereas a small pond, linked to the irrigation system, has already been built to provide various animals and birds in the area with water. The project’s next stage of completion includes the installation of bee shelters (insect hotels) within the area of the plantation. Traditional beehives, the co-called tzivertia, will be built and placed within the area of the plantation with an eye to preserving our tradition and also elevating the site to a pole of attraction for bees.



Together with BirdLife Cyprus, we Embrace Cyprus’s Swifts

Looking to secure safe nesting sites, BirdLife Cyprus has installed 30 artificial nests for swifts in five different CYTA buildings in Nicosia, Larnaka and Limassol. The nests are specially designed to attract swifts arriving in Cyprus.

Denigration and loss of biodiversity have become a global phenomenon; swifts are not left unscathed. The greatest adversities facing swifts are the intensification of agriculture, which reduces food availability (insects), as well as the loss of nesting sites. Unlike barn swallows, swifts do not build nests but instead perch in small holes under roofs, tiles or eaves, usually on old buildings. Given that these places have become scarce, the installation of artificial nests is intended to offset this loss amid the significantly declining number of swifts in Cyprus and other parts of the world.

Swifts arrive in Cyprus in early February  to nest. By the end of July they start flying back to Africa to hibernate.

Sending out a message to “Give life to your old mobile phone. Recycle it!” Cyta has launched a Programme to re-use and recycle mobile phones and other terminal equipment in special recycling bins installed at every CYTA shop and in our manned buildings. The re-using and recycling programme includes mobile phones along with their equipment and accessories (e.g. chargers, handsfree, car kits) and other terminal equipment (e.g. land-line and wireless phones, answering machines). The aim of the programme is, on the one hand, to raise awareness and encourage public participation in phone recycling and, on the other hand, to contribute to the protection of the environment but also of public health, endangered by uncontrolled waste disposal. https://www.cyta.com.cy/recycling.

In 2016 we created a model Environmental Corner at our Nicosia headquarters, equipped with all kinds of recycling bins available to the organisation’s personnel. The corner can accommodate recyclable waste such as glass, paper, PMD, cooking oil, clothing, electrical & electronic appliances, plastic bottle caps, batteries, light bulbs and pharmaceuticals.

Capitalizing on the warm reception of the Environmental Corner at our Nicosia headquarters, in 2021 we created an additional five Environmental Corners in the Organisation’s regional buildings in every province of the island, so that more members of our personnel can drop off their recyclables.

Περιβαλλοντική Γωνιά