Mobile Recycling Program

Give life to your old mobile. Recycle it!

"Give life to your old mobile phone. Recycle it!" is the message we used to initiate the Program for Recycling and Re-use of old mobile phones and their accessories for the first time in Cyprus in our effort to contribute even further in the protection of the environment.

The Recycling and Re-use Program applies to mobile phones and all their accessories (chargers, handsfree, car kits, etc) fixed and wireless telephones, automatic operating machines etc.

The program aims, on the one hand, to sensitize the public and reinforce their participation in the recycling of their telephones and, on the other hand, to contribute in the protection of the environment as much as of the public health which is negatively affected by their uncontrollable disposal.

What does this symbol mean?
You may have seen this symbol on products, on their instruction manuals and/or on their packaging. This symbol reminds us that the particular product (which can be electric or electronic equipment as well as batteries) should not be discarded with other domestic waste. Instead they should be collected separately, when not needed anymore, so that they can be managed in an environmental friendly way.

Do you have old mobile or land-line telephones or other telecommunications equipment at you home?

Do not throw them in your waste bin! They pollute the environment!

The mobile telephones and their accessories, the land-line and wireless telephones, as well as the automatic operating machines are electronic equipment and it is prohibited by law to reject them with other domestic waste.

These products, as is in the case of all types of electric and electronic equipment, can contain dangerous substances and their uncontrollable discarding can pollute the natural environment (underground waters, soil) and as a result affect the natural food chain, ultimately having a detrimental effect on human health.

Given that we and the environment constitute an unbreakable chain, uncontrollable discarding of electronic equipment will harm the balance of our ecosystem as much as our health.

We now give you the opportunity to give life to your old mobile phone.

Do not keep them in the drawer! They lose their value!

Mobile phones that you do not use anymore, although they are still functional or repairable have monetary value. This value decreases in time, eventually resulting in the item becoming valueless.

Bring your old mobile phones to Cytamobile-Vodafone’s recycling bins

You help protect the environment and the human health

By recycling these items, we help prevent environmental pollution, as the materials from which they are manufactured, such as plastic and metals, can be re-used or recycled for the manufacturing of other products. In this way, we avoid the creation of more waste, consequently saving resources such as energy, chemical, metals.

You are helping a charity organization

Cytamobile-Vodafone donates revenues to selected charity organizations. The value of each mobile phone returned is determined by its condition and how old it is. Newer phones, means higher value, which means bigger financial benefits for the receiving organization. Cyta and Cytamobile-Vodafone do not financially benefit from the re-use or recycling of these items.

Where can you return them?

You can return old mobile phones their accessories and other telecommunications equipment that you do not need or use anymore to all Cyta’s Sales Network shops (Cytashop, Aeliotis, Soundtech, Hadjimitsis, Smart Com), where special recycle bins have been installed for their collection.

This recycle program appeals to all environmentally conscious individuals, not only to the customers of Cyta’s and Cytamobile-Vodafone.

If you need a new mobile phone get a recycled one

For those of you who care about the environment let us suggest a new range of ecological mobile phones by GreenHeart™ Sony Ericsson. These phones are offered in all Cytashop at special prices.

This new range of innovative mobile phones was designed to be a lot less harmful to the environment, taking into consideration the whole phone life cycle: design, production, transport, recycle. It is very important to note that the material used for the production of the the GreenHeart™ mobile phones is recycled plastic and water soluble paint.

Moreover, in order to minimize the use of paper, they have completely replaces all the hard copy manuals, with electronic manuals, the charger of the GreenHeart™ mobile phones is now “green” and the packaging has been improved by becoming smaller and more environmentally friendly.

Which type of equipment can you return for recycling?

You can recycle all types of mobile telephones and all their accessories (chargers, handsfree, car kit, etc), land-line and wireless telephones, automatic operating machines etc.

What comes next?

All the equipment meant for recycling, is collected from all the Cytashop and the Cyta’s Sales Network shops, by a government licensed company, in line with the relevant legislation.

This company separates and promotes this equipment for re-use, repair and re-use or recycling. Both Cyta and this licensed company, follow the basic environmental policy which dictates, first the decrease of waste quantities, then the act of re-using any of the equipment that is either functional or repairable and finally recycling of the rest.


Before you return your unneeded mobile phone make sure that:

  • You have transferred all your personal data from your old mobile to your new mobile phone or your computer.
  • You have erased all personal data that is stored in your mobile phone, such as your contacts, pictures, videos, messages etc.
  • You have removed your SIM and memory card (if it exists).

Cyta and its associates are not responsible for the loss or replacement of SIM cards or memory cards, or for the safety of personal data that remain in the equipment given for recycling.

Cyta’s responsibility for the Environment

Cyta, is a contemporary European company that respects the environment within which it operates and thus does its best to act as an environmentally responsible organization.

It should be noted that Cyta, participates, as a member in the non-profit waste management collective systems:

  • WEEE Electrocyclosis Cyprus Ltd, for electric and electronic equipment,
  • AFIS Cyprus Ltd, for portable domestic type batteries, and
  • Green Dot Cyprus Ltd, for packing.

Recycle bins of AFIS Cyprus Ltd can be found in all Cytashop, where you can return your old rechargeable batteries, whether in working conditions or not, for recycling.