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In the framework of Cyta’s corporate social responsibility, the Organisation is especially interested in Road Safety, a subject of concern throughout Europe and particularly in Cyprus.

In April 2004 in Dublin, Ireland, Cyta signed the European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) and, together with 38 other organisations, authorities and companies from various European Union member states, committed itself to the common European goal of reducing the number of road fatalities. In Nicosia on February 13, 2009, Cyta renewed its commitment to the aims of the Charter to which, so far, there are more than 4,000 signatories. Cyta is promoted on the European Road Safety Charter website, "In Focus".

Turning its commitment into action, Cyta has focused most of its efforts on cultivating road safety awareness through special instruction, chiefly among young people who make up a large percentage of those killed on the roads in Cyprus. To this end, since 2004 and until 2021 Cyta has held special seminars on road safety for young people and, in particular, for all soldiers serving in the National Guard. More than 85,000 young people (soldiers and final year high school students) have received instruction.

In what is an innovative project for Cyprus, Cyta also offers specialist instruction/seminars to all members of staff, a total of some 2,200 employees, and in particular to drivers of its fleet of vehicles. It is worth noting that, sice 2004, Cyta has succeeded in halving the number of accidents involving company vehicles. “Cyta Responsible Driver Declaration” - click here.

Additionally, Cyta supports various projects initiated by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and by the Police aimed at reducing the number of road accidents in Cyprus. One such initiative is the provision of promo materials (i.e. cycle helmets) for children visiting the Police Road Safety Park for instruction, as well as the participation in related activities/campaigns.

Two outstanding major infrastructure projects that are considered to be of great significance for two cities in Cyprus, is the Cyta Footbridge at the entrance to the capital (Nicosia) and the Cyta Footbridge connecting the city of Limassol with the seafront.

At the same time, throughout the entire range of its activities, the Organisation takes advantage of every possible opportunity to provide the public, and its customers in particular, with further information on the subject of Road Safety by publicising the relevant messages through information and promotional campaigns associated with Cyta’s corporate image and the services and products it provides (i.e. Cytamobile-Vodafone Campaign "Mobile Phone & Driving").

It is worth noting the success of the initiative of Cyta and the Cyprus Police to gather, in October 2012, more than 1,000 children at the Police Road Safety Park and have them all wearing protective cycle helmets at the same time, so as to be recorded in Guinness World Records ™ - click here.

Cyta’s involvement with Road Safety issues is promoted on the European Road Safety Charter website:

Actions for Road Safety