Chronology of Telecoms in Cyprus

2004 Signing of the European Road Safety Charter.

The Cytanet Internet Roaming service offers Broadband Internet Access via DSL and Wi-Fi technology.

New branding of mobile telephony and signing of a partnership agreement with Vodafone, creating Cytamobile-Vodafone.

Intrroduction of the miVision interactive digital television service, accessed via the telephone line.

2005 Creation of the first Online Shoping Mall in Cyprus by CYTA subsidiary Emporion Plaza Ltd.

Official announcement from CYTA subsidiary CYTA UK Ltd, about its intention to become active in the United Kingdom.


CYTA expand its operations to Hungary – Subsidiary ACTEL commences operations.

CYTANET introduces the “Safe Internet”service.

Cytamobile-Vodafone introduces the “Speaking Phone” service for people with visual disability.

CYTA expands its operations to Greece, an expansion of strategic importance aiming to develop broadband infrastructure and services.

2007 CYTA and Italian MEDITERRANEAN NAUTILUS sign an agreement to construct the “Minerva” system, the first submersible fiber optic ring for connecting Cyprus and Europe directly.

Cytamobile-Vodafone and Microsoft announce the commercial launch of Windows Mobile® Email, a comprehensive mobile email solution.

2008 I Cytanet introduces Live Streaming, enabling customers abroad to watch football and basketball games online.

Official beginning of operations of Cyta Hellas, a subsidiary of Cyta in Greece.

In 2008, the Organisation’s strategic communication rebranding will be completed. As a result, in October 2008, the new visual identity of the Organisation is launched, introducing a new logo and the trademark Cyta. At the same time, the following names are introduced for the four basic sub-trademarks of Cytamobile-Vodafone, Cytanet, Cytavision and Cytaglobal.