Your wish comes closer to Santa

This year once again, Cyta is collaborating with Cyprus Post through the «post2santa» platform, which lets children with their parents’ help, to send a letter to Santa online! If they do so by December 17, each child will receive a personal letter from Santa by post.

In order for your child to receive an answer from Santa, enter his/her details, and we, together with the Cyprus Post, will make sure that Santa receives your child’s letter and sends a reply.

Send your letter here

For every letter sent to Santa, Cyta will donate €1 to the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme of the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics "Americos Argyrou" until €5.000 has been raised. This is being done in the context of the Organisation’s long-term support of this Programme since its inception, because Cyta believes that every child that comes into the world has a right to communication.

About the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme

The Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme has been offered by the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics "Americos Argyrou", to all neonates in the country since 2004. Early screening and the diagnosis of congenital hearing loss in neonates is this program’s main objective, in other words the detection of hearing loss present in the baby at birth. Since the acquirement of a child’s speech is affected by the normal function of hearing, any abnormality in this mechanism can disrupt the development of the child’s communication skills resulting in a negative impact on their cognitive and academic achievements and their overall social integration. All these implications can be avoided if diagnosis, intervention and support is provided during the child’s first few months of life. Therefore, early diagnosis and intervention can maximize the child’s potential to develop normal communication and social skills.

Every year, some 8,000 neonates are examined. Early diagnosis is crucial for timely intervention and support so that babies with hearing loss are able to develop speech and the ability to communicate like those born with normal hearing.

For more information about the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme, go to: