Cyta Road Safety Seminar for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Wishing to contribute to this year’s European Day Without A Road Death campaign (21 September), Cyta held a Road Safety Seminar for deaf and hearing impaired individuals at its amphitheatre on Tuesday, 20 September 2016.

At the start of the seminar, the amphitheatre linked up with the state TV station to enable those attending to watch the news bulletin in sign language, after which a lecture on safe driving was given by Road Safety Consultant Andreas Papas.  

During the seminar, attendees were also given the opportunity to see a demonstration by Cyta staff of equipment available from Cytashops, which is suitable for those with hearing difficulties. At the same time, they had a chance to have their questions answered about the services provided by Cyta to facilitate communication by deaf and hearing impaired individuals among themselves and with others, and about how Cyta can assist them.

This action was part of Cyta’s long-established policy of responding to its customers’ needs, especially those with special needs pertaining to communication. At the same time, as an active signatory to the European Road Safety Charter, the Organisation contributes in every way possible to the cultivation of road safety awareness, aimed at reducing the number of fatal road accidents, focusing in particular on educating its own personnel and young people.

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Road Safety

Cyta has been a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter since 2004.


Public Relations
Cyta Communication Department
20 September 2016