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This Christmas Cyta once again supports the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics’ Neonatal
Hearing Screening Programme

This Christmas Cyta will be carried away by the magic of children’s fairytales. Under the banner “Let me tell you a story…”, Cyta’s holiday season activities once again focus on supporting the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics and its unchanging message that “Every child has the right to communication”.  

A team of well-known fashion designers has worked with Cyta to create a range of original limited edition sweatshirts, with the proceeds from sales going to the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics’ Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme. This year’s designers are Anna Hadjigeorgiou (Anice) and Ramona Filip (Ramon Filip) – who are participating for the second year – together with Andreas Zannetides, Gregory Morfi and NatarGeorgiou. Their designs are inspired by the entries to the children’s painting competition on the theme “The Magic of Communication in the Land of Fairytales” which was organised by Cyta for primary and pre-primary schoolchildren all over Cyprus.

The highlight of Cyta’s Christmas activities will be an event at The Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia on Sunday, 16 December from 11:00 until 18:00. All five designers’ limited edition sweatshirts will be on sale at the event, which will also feature fairytale characters and live radio links with popular presenters. Cyta’s mascot Telly will be there and, of course, so will Santa Claus. The sweatshirts will be available after the event from each designer’s own boutique at the price of €30. All proceeds will be donated to the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics’ Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme.

After 16 December 2018, the sweatshirts will be available from the designers’ own boutiques as below:

Anna Hadjigeorgiou

35, Klimentos Street, 1st Floor, 1061 Nicosia
Ramon Filip
23 A-B, Armenias Street, Ramon Filip Showroom, Strovolos,
2003 Nicosia
Andreas Zannetides
23 B-C, Andrea Demetriou Street (off Themistocles Dervis Street) 1066 Nicosia
Gregory Morfi
85, Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Mesa Geitonia,
4003 Limassol
Natar Georgiou
40, Themistocles Dervis Street, 1066 Nicosia

The Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme of the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics

The Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme is offered by the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics to all newborn babies in Cyprus. The aim of the programme is the early detection of neonatal hearing loss and, every year, some 8,000 newborn babies are screened. A timely diagnosis is crucial to the necessary intervention and support so that those with hearing loss at birth develop speech and the ability to communicate as babies with unimpaired hearing do.

From 2004 to 2017, 97,854 newborn babies have been screened. The frequency of congenital hearing loss at birth is approximately 1 in every 700 babies, which means that, each year, a significant number of families avoid the consequences of congenital hearing loss, which can lead to incapacity, social exclusion and financial burden.

For more information about the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme, visit the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics website:

…because every child has the right to communication!