Everything you want

Choose from a truly huge range of services, facilities and smartphones to satisfy your constantly growing requirements regarding fixed and mobile communications, as well as subscription tv. You have the flexibility to change the combination you select if and when your needs change.

With Cytamobile-Vodafone you have many options on how to experience your Smartphone to the full, through the RED, FREEDOM and Youth plans. RED plans give you total control over the use of mobile internet, while  FREEDOM plans offer you truly unlimited mobile internet.

With soeasy pay as you go and a connection pack of just €2 you can choose among the different plans, the one that better suits your needs. You even have the choice of a plan that allows you to buy a smartphone in monthly instalments. With soeasy you can even choose among different Mobile Internet packs that include large volumes of MΒ for daily, weekly and monthly use. And if you run out of ΜΒ, the Panic Button gives you 500ΜΒ free, once a month, to use in an hour. You also have soeasy Rewards, which gives you a gift every time you top up with €5 and more.

Choose from Cyta’s comprehensive and competitive portfolio of Internet services and enjoy fast and reliable download and upload speeds. Additionally, you can have free online monitoring and safety for your children through the Safe Internet service, plus anti-virus and anti-spam protection and many more facilities.

With Cytavision, you have the most comprehensive subscriber TV in the Cyprus market, with a variety of sports and entertainment content on 100+ popular channels and the most live sports programmes. Cytavision offers the ultimate viewing and user experience, through its flexible packages, various interactive facilities, the Cytavision Go app for smartphone, tablet and laptop, the ability to watch football matches on a pay per view basis and the big video on demand library of movies and TV series for everyone.

Cyta also lets you choose fixed telephony if that is the only service you require at a given moment. You also have free telephone facilities and the option to programme and manage your service online.