Vertical Sectors Expansion

Innovation and the involvement in new market segments are core elements in the strategy of leading companies seeking sustainable growth. They are also essential in maximizing the value of organizations which are going through critical transitions and are facing a number of challenges. One of these challenges is the reduction in revenue due to the widespread use of social networking (social media) and of Over-The-Top Applications (OTT), at the expense of traditional telecommunication services.

Cyta has recognized this challenge and is examining the entry in new sectors and introduction of new services, which are related to the traditional services provided for years, often with partners who have ready-made solutions and revenue sharing models, so as to minimize initial investments.

With the emergence and development of new sectors as well as the introduction of new innovative services, alternative sources of revenue are generated for the Organization.

Such areas include electronic health (e-health), e-commerce (Mobile Commerce), payments via mobile (Mobile payments) and the introduction of smart applications for real estate and shipping.