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Everything you want, in the Cytavision packages!


  • FREE INSTALLATION of Broadband Access, Broadband Telephony (Telephony, Telephony Plus, Telephony Special Use) and Internet.
  • FREE INSTALLATION of the 1st and/or 2nd Cytavision Set Top Box for new and existing customers. Additionally FREE 2 months SUBSCRIPTION for new Value and Variety Pack customers and 50% DISCOUNT for 2 months on the subscription for new Super Pack customers.

The offers are valid until 30 September 2018.
More information on the terms of the offers »

Υou can enjoy the content that best suits your viewing preferences by choosing from the Super Pack, Variety Pack and Value Pack

What do you want from your subscription?

Super Pack with €45/month: if you want ALL Cytavision CONTENT

With over 80 channels and even better sports content, the Super Pack is the most complete pay TV package in Cyprus.

If you want to enjoy every Cytavision channel and you are a sports fan, especially when it comes to football, the Super Pack is your ideal choice.

Variety Pack with €24/month: if you want VARIETY IN ENTERTAINMENT   

With over 65 channels, you now have an even greater choice of movies, TV series, documentaries, children’s programmes, news, sport, music and lifestyle programming 24 hours a day.

Value Pack with €12/month: if you want QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT in an AFFORDABLE PRICE  

The Value Pack lets you enjoy the world of Cytavision, with over 50 popular channels to suit all tastes.  

The above prices apply to Super Pack, Variety Pack and Value Pack subscribers who have a connection to the Internet Home service by Cytanet. For subscribers without this connection, the prices are €53,84, €32,84 and €20,84 respectively. All prices include VAT (19%).