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Roses Trilogy (R-15) - 2019

Roses Trilogy (R-15)

Category: Documentary
Director: Petra Terzi
Starring: Maria-Christina Tzavara, Hassan, Harris Karaoulanis
Length: 32 Minutes
Age Rating: 15
Availability: 21-02-2020 - 31-05-2020
Price: €0.9

Documentary "Roses Trilogy by Petra Terzi". 1."Dirty Roses" is a humanitarian documentary and deals with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and individuals or families who came from the Arab world in Greece as war or economic or political refugees 2."Thornless Roses" With the desire to film refugees and their children from single-parent families, I used this concept to film the children playing and engaging in artistic activities. 3."Rainbow Roses": Many organizations and individuals continue the volunteer efforts to help refugees become part of Greek urban life and to act in coexistence and harmony in the near future.