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Night in Hell, A (R-15) (Greek Movie) - 2018

Night in Hell, A (R-15) (Greek Movie)

Category: Drama
Director: Nikos Kourou
Starring: Kaiti Finou, Aliki Papaxela
Length: 82 Minutes
Age Rating: 15
Availability: 18-02-2020 - 31-05-2020
Price: €2.03

With English Subtitles. A heavy curse rains down upon a small provincial village. Every fifty years, a monster appears and terrorizes its inhabitants, sowing seeds of disaster, and spreading evil spirits among them. The ruler of the village, Stasinos, a ruthless and perverted man who has taken advantage of this situation by taking the fields of the inhabitants in a treacherous way, now has them work as slaves on their own land. Artemis, in an attempt to obstruct Stasinos’ plans, relied on the law, and has kept his property and exploits it himself. Stasinos often tries to neutralize him, but Artemis continues to resist the dirty intrigue set by Stasinos, and also decides to drive the monster out of the village with the help of an old woman and a crazy old man, the only remaining survivors of those who had successfully managed to hunt the monster when it had appeared a previous time, fifty years ago …