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Track Smart

Manage your company fleet the smart way!

Track Smart allows the management and monitoring of corporate vehicles and enables you to:

  • increase productivity through the rational management of vehicles
  • reduce operating costs relating to fuel, damage and maintenance
  • improve your customer service and the safety of your vehicles and products

The Track Smart administrator has access via computer or mobile phone to reliable information about the routes of corporate vehicles at any time, such as:

  • Imaging/representation of the vehicle location on a digital map.  
  • Vehicle status (at rest, in motion, speed, doors, freezer temperature, etc.)
  • Condition of additional machines (cement mixer, crane, platform, etc,)
  • Vehicle maintenance plan
  • Extensive and highly detailed events log
  • Driver behaviour
  • Route summary report
  • Other specialized reports in accordance to the needs of the customer

Significant cost savings
Through the organised route plan you can instantly reduce fuel consumption and wear-and-tear and increase the productivity of your business.

Better customer service
You can have information at any time on the number of customers serviced per vehicle as well as the time spent on their service.

Safety of vehicles and goods
Through automated reports (daily, weekly and monthly) you can be informed of any emergencies and reduce the risk of theft of vehicles and goods.

Scheduling vehicle inspections
The system enables the driver and the administrator to have timely information about all scheduled inspections of the vehicle.

Temperature control & monitoring system
Devices with temperature sensors allow real-time monitoring and create reports on temperature levels for refrigerated vehicles and refrigeration plants.


  • Tracking device
  • Antenna
  • SIM Card

Optional Equipment

  • Thermometers in the goods and refrigeration area
  • RFID - For driver identification
  • Eco Driver Behaviour
  • Door Sensors
  • LVCAN Fuel Readings: Real Time fuel level in tank
  • Database for positioning reference points on the map
  • Geofence (alerts & violations)
  • Visual Display for driver
  • Garmin: route planning

Equipment is offered with a 2-year guarantee

For Technical Support
Telephone Numbers: 25865290, 25865173, 99542227


Training and manuals are provided upon installation.

Track Smart is provided for a monthly subscription with a three-year contract and includes:

  • Equipment
  • SIM card
  • all upgrades and maintenance.

The ownership of the equipment shall remain in the possession of Track Smart Telematics until the completion of the contract.