Prepaid Tourist eSIM General Terms

  1. Tourist eSIM plan is aimed at customers who wish to access the internet in Cyprus for a short period of time and own an eSIM enabled device.
  2. The eSIM can be downloaded and activated on the smartphone by scanning the plan's QR code.
  3. The initial eSIM installation is free and includes a local prepaid mobile number and 50MB of free data.
  4. Activating the eSIM provides access to Cyta's reliable mobile network with top speeds and a 100% 5G population coverage.
  5. The eSIM can be used for Mobile Internet and receiving SMS.
  6. It can be used only for local use and not for roaming.
  7. Upon eSIM activation, an SMS is sent that includes the number of the eSIM service and a link that the customer can follow and proceed with top-up.
  8. There is a specific top-up package available including 20GB of Mobile Internet (local use) for €9.99. No other top-up is allowed with Tourist eSIM.
  9. Top-up is only available online, with the use of a credit card.
  10. Informative SMS are sent with the available GB balance as the link for top up (that applies to the specific service, €9.99/20GB). Specifically, 3 SMS will be sent when the balance reaches 10GB, 2GB and 30MB.
  11. Tourist eSIM validity period is 30 days from the day of installation on the phone. After the end of the 30 days period, the eSIM will be automatically deactivated.
  12. Within the period of 30 days, the customer can make as many top-ups as he wishes. This period cannot be extended.
  13. Top-up (€9.99/20GB) validity period is equal to the remaining validity period of the eSIM. For example, if a customer credits on the 29th day, the validity period of the eSIM takes precedence.
  14. When Tourist eSIM is deactivated at the end of the 30-day validity period, it is not possible to reactivate it.
  15. Each customer can activate a new Tourist eSIM up to 3 times on the same device, only after the previous one has expired or deleted.
  16. Tourist eSIM card cannot be switched to a physical SIM card.
  17. For a more permanent/long-term solution, the customer can get a physical SIM.
  18. There is no data speed limit with Tourist eSIM.