Can we drive more responsibly? Of course we can!

Checking our smartphones is something we do almost instinctively, anywhere, anytime. On average, mobile users touch their phones more than 2,600 times a day1. But what happens when we are doing something that requires all of our attention… like driving?

While there is no doubt that it plays an important part of our lives, how and when people choose to use technology, matters. A responsible use of mobile devices can ease and enrich our days. But, when one is driving, it only takes a split second to change lives forever.

1According to the study of

Would you die for a phone call? For an SMS? For a post?

Take the Pledge to never drive distracted- Βe part of the European effort

police Roadpol Safety Days

I pledge to always drive distraction free. I pledge to never allow my phone to endanger myself or others behind the wheel. I pledge to lead by example and spread the message. I pledge because I believe driving distraction free can save lives and make the world a better place.

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