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Time Shifted TV

Time Shifted TV

Watch what you want whenever you want!

With Time Shifted TV, you can watch any programme from a Cypriot channel up to 3 days after its original broadcast.

There are three ways of doing this:

  • While you are tuned to one of the Cypriot channels, press "GUIDE" on the remote control to display the TV Guide.

In the programme information window, you will see a blue arrow below the programme title. This arrow indicates the "PLAY" function and means that programmes from the channel have been recorded by the system.

Use the Left/Right and Up/Down arrow keys to bring up the title of the programme you want to watch.

The original transmission dates of the recorded programmes appear on the top left of your screen, while the time is shown below the programme title.

After selecting the programme, press “OK” or the green button ("Options”) and then select "Watch” to start the programme. To interrupt the recorded programme and return to the current programme on the channel, press “STOP” on the remote control.

  • From "Channels”, select » choose "MENU" on the remote and then choose “TV Guide”. Follow the instructions for the first way as above.
  • While watching any Cypriot channel or Cytavision Sports1, press the yellow button on the remote control to bring up the TV Guide. Follow the instructions for the first way as above.

When you watch a programme on Time Shifted TV, you can Play, Stop, Pause, Rewind (RR) and Fast Forward (FF) it using the corresponding buttons on the remote control.


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