Taking care of one another

Taking care of one another

Dear customers,
Taking care of one another

With other fellow citizens, we form part of the front-line chain, continuing to serve your communication needs.

The repair of faults, as well as the installation of new connections, remain a top priority in our response to your communication needs within the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

In our effort to assist you, we place great importance on protecting both your and our health and safety.

For this reason

We are purposely limiting home visits to the absolutely necessary.

If it is deemed essential to work inside your residence, we will restrict the time of our visit to the minimum and our people will take all the required protective measures (use of mask, gloves and antiseptic).

We ask you, our customers, for your cooperation.
Kindly inform us in advance, regarding individuals residing in your home, who belong to any of the following groups

confirmed cases of COVID-19
cases under investigation
individuals belonging to vulnerable groups
individuals who have returned from abroad less than 14 days ago in order for us to take all additional protective measures

in order for us to take all additional protective measures.
With regards to our visit, you are kindly requested to

Disinfect the space and surfaces where works will take place and ensure that the room is well-aired by leaving windows and doors open before, during and for a short period after our visit.
Ensure that one person only remains in the room for the duration of our visit, maintaining a minimum distance of two metres from our technician.
Facilitate the whole process so that our presence in your residence is reduced to the minimum.

We remain by your side, safely, for all your communication needs!

We take care of one another, for everyone’s safety!
Thank you!

#StaySafe #StayConnected