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My Cyta services
Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

New customer?


What would you like to do today?

More time at home? More entertainment for you and your family! Cytavision is here at home with you, every minute, with the biggest range of quality content for everyone. Now’s the time to watch as many movies and series as you want, to catch up on your favorite programmes, to watch interesting documentaries that excite your curiosity and lots to keep the children entertained!

What to see first?

Enjoy great cinema moments with enriched content in the Nova on Demand movie library (VoD, Movies & Series), free for Variety Pack and Super Pack customers.

Popular films by Village Cinema are now included in our movie library (Video on Demand – Films & Series category or VoD button on remote control). Free for Variety Pack & Super Pack customers. Now also available for free, for Value Pack customers until June 30th. Watch them also via Cytavision Go (smartphone-tablet-laptop).

Watch the comedy movie “Vourate Geitonoi” for a heavy dose of laughter!
Find it in VoD – New releases category or VoD button on remote control.

Popular movies, series and programmes on Movies Best HD (channels 49 & 349), Village Cinema HD (channels 48 &348) and Novalifε (channels 44 & 344). Now also available for Value Pack customers until 30th of June.

Fun for the children

Once your children discover that the Disney on Demand movie library (VoD, Movies & Series) contains many episodes of children’s series with their favorite characters, they are bound to save some of their energy for the sofa! Free for all Cytavision subscribers until June 30th.

Additional facilities to make your life easier

Cytavision Go

As you move from the sofa to the bed, and then to the garden, and to the balcony and back, you can watch your favorite programmes from over 40 channels on your mobile, tablet or PC. In fact, we have now increased simultaneous viewing on 2 devices until the 30th of June 2020 because we know what it means to have the whole family at home all the time!

Catch-up Tv

If tonight is the night that you all pick a series to watch and everyone in the family wants to watch something different than what you want, don’t worry about it! Because, there’s catch-up TV, which lets you go back up to 7 days and watch the programme you missed. And, who knows, you might find new things to see that you hadn’t noticed before!

Multi-profile service

For families that will never have the same taste, not even in TV programmes, we propose this service, which lets each member create his/her own profile of favorite viewing. Up to two of these profiles can be simultaneously connected to the service from different devices so that both can watch a different channel at the same time!

If you haven’t yet got Cytavision

Right now, that home is the only place to be, television keeps us company! So take advantage of the free installation offer, valid until June 30th 2020!

Additionally, we are offering free installation of a 2nd set top box for current Cytavision customers so they can enjoy a different Cytavision channel on their 2nd TV set.

We are here to support you

With its free installation and free monthly subscription on Hotel Pack, until June 30th 2020, Cytavision offers entertainment to all those in quarantine in hotels or hospitals.

By facilitating the temporary disconnection of the Public Pack, Cytavision helps businesses (e.g. restaurants & cafes, betting shops, etc) to save on costs for the entire period during which they are closed. Once restrictions are lifted, they will be able to reactivate their services

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