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1018 Service

1018 enables Cyta subscribers to make international calls to destinations worldwide at very low rates saving up to 75% on international calls. The service charges are included in the monthly Cyta phone bill. 1018 uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology for switching and transmitting calls.
DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection FeeFree of charge-
SubscriptionFree of charge-
  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. Calls are charged per second, with a minimum charge of €0,0407.
  3. View the detailed call charges.
Provision/ Usage Instructions
How to make a call using 1018
Just dial 1018, followed by the phone number you want to call (e.g. to call someone in Greece, you dial 1018-0030-ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ).

Where can I make calls to
The 1018 service only works when making calls from Cyprus to another country. This service does not apply to domestic calls.

Access to the service
Access from In Cyprus
Fixed phones YES
GSM Mobile phones NO
soeasy Mobile phone NO
Public Payphones NO

Quality of service
Voice quality in IP networks not fully managed by Cyta may not be the same as that of calls made via traditional international telephony.

Advantages of Product/ Service
  • Very low international rates
    By using 1018, you can save up to 75% on international phone calls thanks to the extremely low rates charged.
  • No application forms or sign-up fees
    You don’t have to make an application for the service and you are not charged when you activate it.
  • No additional monthly charges
    There are no extra monthly charges when you use 1018. You only pay for the calls you make.
For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.