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safeMobile empowers you as a parent in the digital era, offering controlled freedom and safety to your child, when using his/her smartphone.

safeMobile application is offered exclusively to all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers and is compatible with android devices version 2.3 and higher.

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Choose the applications your child can access from his/her smartphone protecting him/her from uncontrolled and dangerous use.
Define the contacts your child can communicate with, via voice calls or SMS, protecting him/her from unknown strangers.
Check anytime the time spent and the type of usage your child does through his/her smartphone, having total and absolute information.
Find your child fast and easy through electronic map.

How to install safeMobile

Download the app for free on your child’s smartphone, from Google Play.
Enter the username & pin, which will be automatically provided when you login on our website. Username is the email you entered to register on our website and the pin is the safeMobile pin which you will be given after registration.
Enter your username & pin to use the app on your child’s mobile or our website.