Get up to 20GB for only €5/month and enjoy even more carefree browsing in July, August & September.

Αctivate the offer between 1st and 20th day of each month:

  • send SUMMER to 7000
  • from the website via My Cyta
  • through the selfCare application
Pay monthly plan Summer Mobile Internet bundles
valid for July, August & September
RED 1 & RED 2 5GB with only €5/month
RED plus, RED Youth & RED Family 20GB with only €5/month
FREEDOM 1 & 2 Double speeds
What you need to know
  1. You can activate/purchase the offer from the 1st to the 20th day of each month for July, August and September.
  2. The offered package will be valid from the time of activation until the end of each month.
  3. You can only use the offer once a month.
  4. RED Family Owner or Member can purchase the offer separately and each owner or member will have their own MBs.
  5. The offer is valid for use in Cyprus and within EU.
  6. The offer applies to individuals and Businesses.
  7. You can find out your remaining balance in one of the following ways:

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