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Become a model digital parent

Become a model digital parent
Guide your child in the digital world exactly as you do in the real world even if you sometimes feel that your son or daughter is the technology specialist of the family!
Try out some of the technologies that your child enjoys. Download some music, create a profile on Facebook or play a Nintendo Wii game with your child.
Exchange ideas with friends and family (maybe with the parents of your child’s friends) about how they help their own children deal with the digital world. You might pick up some useful tips.
Try not to use technology as a babysitter. We all do it sometimes but it’s important to know what your child is doing. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and rules, especially for younger children. Their online status will follow them forever so it is never too early to make a start.
Make the most of built-in tools, such as Parental Controls, SafeSearch and privacy controls. Remind older children that some websites and devices may not be suitable for their younger brother or sister and ask them to bear this in mind.
Make digital issues part of your everyday conversation and don’t hesitate to talk with young people about difficult subjects such as cyber bullying, sexting and copyright infringement.
Communicate constantly. Show your children that you understand how important technology is to them and reassure them that they can come and talk to you about anything that worries them in the digital world.