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Press Releases 2016





Cytavision rolls out the red carpet for the Oscars
on Nova Stars HD and Novacinema!

The countdown has already begun to the 88th Academy Awards (Oscars), which will be screened live on Sunday 28 February, only on the Novacinema channels on Cytavision!

On the big night of the 88th Academy Awards ceremony, the show starts at 3.30am live on Nova Stars HD with natural sound and on Novacinema 1 with commentary in Greek. A recording of this year’s Oscars will be screened with Greek commentary on Novacinema 1, on Monday 29 February at 8.00am and at 1.30pm, while at 8.30pm it will be screened with Greek subtitles.

In preparation for the big night of the Academy Awards, throughout February Cytavision will be transmitting the “Oscar channel” Nova Stars HD (on channel 39 and in HD on channel 600), which, together with the four Novacinema channels (40-43), will screen a total of 68 movies that have won 40 Oscars and 207 nominations, as well as tributes to big-name actors and directors.

The Novacinema channels and Nova Stars HD are available at no extra charge to Full Pack and Value Pack Plus subscribers.

Specifically, two movies will be shown on weekdays and three at weekends. Before and after the Academy Awards, on 27-29 February, Nova Stars HD will be screening Oscar winners 24 hours a day.

Naturally, on a channel dedicated to the Oscars, tributes to big-name actors and directors are a must and they begin with Hugh Jackman on 2 February (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Australia”). Next up are tributes to Humphrey Bogart on 5 February (“The Harder they Fall”, “The Caine Mutiny”), Audrey Tautou on 7 February (“Amelie”, “A Very Long Engagement”), director Pedro Almodovar on 11 February (“Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, “Talk to Her”), Meryl Streep on 17 February (“Into The Woods”, “Julie and Julia”), Harrison Ford on 19 February (“Air Force One”, “The Fugitive”), David Oyelowo on 23 February (“Selma”, “Interstellar”), J. K. Simmons on 27 February (“Juno”, “Whiplash”), director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu on 28 February (“Birdman”, “Babel”) and Julianne Moore on 29 February (“Far from Heaven”, “Still Alice”). Additionally, every Saturday in February, an award-winning children’s movie will be shown at 7.00pm.


Public Relations
Cyta Communication Department
5 February 2016