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Powersoft365 PocketPro

Cyta, in collaboration with Powersoft, recognizing the growing need for businesses to be able to work from anywhere, offers the Powersoft365 PocketPro mobile app.

The Powersoft365 PocketPro mobile app is the newest upgraded version of Powersoft 365 Stock Control/POS that helps workforce on the move or away from the office to carry out their daily duties, providing immediate, two-way communication with the central data systems for:

  • Sales management and stock control.
  • Management of customer accounts.
  • Order and delivery management.
  • Transfer of stock between stores.

The Powersoft365 PocketPro app works in conjunction with Powersoft 365 Stock Control/POS.

The app is available in two versions:

  • Powersoft365 PocketPro - ex-van sales-order: The Powersoft 365 Stock Control/POS mobile app, which automates all internal processes related to sales online (and, on demand, offline). It covers all sales department needs, whether ex-van or not, customer credit, customer history, special prices per customer, etc.
  • Powersoft365 PocketPro - warehouse: Mobile warehouse management for orders, intra-store transfers, price control and changes, and a special app for the sales period, stocktaking and all the processes related to stock.

Powersoft365 PocketPro is available for purchase from Cyta Cloud MarketPlace

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The 1st month is free of charge!


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The Powersoft365 PocketPro app by Cyta uses hybrid cloud computing technology and offers the following advantages:

  • Friendly and specially developed UI (user Interface) for fast learning.
  • Hybrid Cloud app enabling operation of the mobile device (smartphone/tablet/hand held terminal - HHT) with and without Internet connection.
  • Easy access from anywhere.
  • Faster and more accurate mobile sales/mobile purchases-purchase check, stock taking/stock transfer, etc.).
  • Free online connection to Powersoft365 Stock Control/POS. Capability for interconnection with other ERP systems with a specific charge.

Powersoft365 PocketPro app by Cyta: A fast, reliable, user-friendly mobile app for business management. It uses the latest developments in Cloud computing technology which enable workforce to manage stock and sales away from the office.

Features Description
User Friendly User-friendly environment, fewer clicks needed, digital depiction of products with photos for easier use
Sales Sales and purchase control and a specialized app for printing of reports
Receivables Easy access to and maintenance of invoices per customer
Reports / Graphs Specialised apps for reports and graphs per category and per customer
Manages Postdated Checks Easy and fast management/receipt of post-dated cheques
Stock Control Easy stock control, order and delivery management
Pricing / Discounts / Special Offers Configurable product list with a choice of multiple prices and easy transfer to discounts and special offers

Free training and support by our expert staff.
Further training, telephone support, configuration and on-site support are available at an additional charge from Powersoft.

Free webinars at regular intervals will be announced via the website

Contact us:
Contact telephone: 150


Description Monthly Subscription
End User Powersoft365 PocketPro - xvan sales-order €20,23 per user
End User Powersoft365 PocketPro – warehouse €20,23 per user
Powersoft365 Stock Control (prerequisite) €46,41
Owner of other ERP, e.g. Navision, SAP, Oracle, etc Call for one-off connection charge: 22410000
Installation charge per mobile device €238 (one-off)
Equipment required to use the service (See notes 4, 5 and 6)


  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. The monthly subscription to Powersoft365 PocketPro by Cyta includes basic support and training.
  3. The hybrid solution requires a POS installation on the customer’s premises and is charged directly by Powersoft as a professional service to the customer. Prices may be seen on the Powersoft 365 Stock Control/POS website at
  4. Any customer wishing to purchase the required equipment (terminals) from Powersoft will be charged an additional amount of €50 per month for six (6) months, until the indicative cost of €300 for each hand-held terminal is covered (the same arrangement can be made for less/more expensive terminals). This will be charged on the customer’s telephone bill in addition to the monthly subscription for the service. In such a case, ownership of the equipment belongs to Powersoft until the full amount has been paid by the customer. Once this has been done, ownership of the equipment passes to the customer.
  5. If a customer decides to terminate the service before the expiry of the six (6) month period required to pay for the equipment, he/she must give Cyta two weeks’ notice of this decision and then pay the outstanding amount on his/her next telephone bill. If this is not done, the customer’s contact details will be transferred to Powersoft and the customer will be responsible for paying Powersoft.
  6. The first month of the subscription is free.


For more information you can contact your Business Consultant or call the Business Customer Service at 150.