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Powersoft365 ModaPro

Your store is just a click away!

Cyta, in collaboration with Powersoft, offers Powersoft365 ModaPro.

It is a user-friendly and reliable software application which manages sales and stock inventories of businesses in fashion retail, such as clothing, footwear, accessories stores and boutiques, for a small monthly fee and no upfront IT investment costs!

Powersoft365 ModaPro by Cyta connects with approved Fiscal Electronic Marking Devices POW001 for the LEGAL electronic invoicing and receipts of retail and wholesale collection.

  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Free installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • Easy online and offline access from anywhere
  • Integration with other applications and Powersoft365Accounting
  • High availability 99.9%
  • Technical support
  • Business data protection in Cyta’s Data Centres
Features Description Benefit
Organization Purchases, wholesale and Retail Sales Simplified, Fast Planning
Customers and Supplier Management
Receipts and Payments Management
Waybills and Delivery Management
Printing by category, brand or type
Specialized management for size, color and type
Efficiency Multiple simultaneous access Team work and collaboration
Monitoring Graphic display of data and reports Up-to-date information for decision making
Notifications and alerts for stock replenishment
Anywhere access using all browsers
Speed Automatic update and management from anywhere Work on the move
Campaigns and Promotions Promotional Campaign management Control and immediacy to strengthen customer relationship
Campaign management
Pricelist management with images and Photos
Ad Hoc Invoicing

The service is offered with free online training and online support.

For additional training, please contact

Special offer for Customers with Powersoft365 ModaPro and Powersoft365 Accounting
From €92,82 monthly ONLY €70,21 monthly.
Powersoft365 ModaPro Price
License for 3 concurrent users for Powersoft365 ModaPro €46,41/month
Concurrent usage for extra 1 or 2 users €17.85/month (per user)
Capability to send email and sms €5,95/month
On-site installation of POS (needed only for retail stores) €238 per shop (once-off) (Note 4)
POS Equipment (see notes 5 & 6)


  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. The monthly subscription in Powersoft365 Moda Pro by Cyta includes basic online support and education.
  3. Automatic notification using sms/email is charged in addition to the monthly subscription. This price does not include SMS/ email cost.
  4. The hybrid implementation solution requires POS installation on site and is charged directly by the Company as professional services to the customer.
  5. Purchase capability for on-site POS equipment up to €3,000 (including VAT) from Powersoft is available. The equipment can include a cash drawer, thermal printer, barcode reader, PC etc. The cost of the equipment is settled up in interest-free monthly instalments in a time period agreed with the customer and which will not exceed 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.
  6. The purchase of the Fiscal Electronic Marking Device POW00 from Powersoft worth €400 (incl. VAT), can be repaid in monthly instalments over a period of time agreed with the customer, which will not exceed 12 months. There is an additional €50 one-off charge for installation and €100 for annual maintenance.
  7. The first month’s subscription is free.