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My Cyta services
Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Terms of use

  • Creating and managing a MyGroup can be done by the user, either through a mobile phone or through Cytamobile-Vodafone’s website.

  • A registration on the Cytamobile-Vodafone website is required in order to be able to manage a MyGroup from the website, Managing a MyGroup through mobile phone does not require any registration.

  • All Cytamobile-Vodafone customers with a pay monthly plan (customers of data only monthly price plans are excluded), or soeasy pay as you go plan, can create or join a MyGroup.

  • For the pay monthly customers of MakeYourOwn plan, the below discounts apply only for the local minutes and SMS that they will hold afterwards the exhaustion of the available minutes of their selected TALK packages and their selected SMS packages (if any).

  • Customers of the soeasy pay as you go plan can create or participate in groups but cannot benefit from the discounts.

The discounts for members of MyGroup will apply if the number of the members of the MyGroup is within the specified minimum and maximum range of members.
The amount of the discount that a MyGroup will benefit from, will increase as the number of members increases in accordance with the following prescribed rates:

MyGroup size Discount
3-10 people 12%
11-25 people 15%
26-50 people 20%
  • The name of a MyGroup must be in English and must include at least one number with a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 15 characters.

  • Customers will be able to select one of the following:

    • International Roaming: 10% discount.
    • International calls: Up to 37.5% discount (every 5 minutes, 3 minutes later the same call, free).
  • Any changes in the number of team members of MyGroup, for whatever reason, will affect the discount from the first day of the next month.

  • It is noted that if 2 clients are simultaneously members of 2 MyGroup, they will benefit from the discount of the larger group when communicating with each other.

  • A customer can belong to up to two MyGroup.

  • The selection of any benefit will be put into effect from the 1st day of next month.

  • The discount will be calculated on the total amount of the clients’ monthly bill for the communication within Cyta’s network. All the members of the same MyGroup will enjoy the same discount.

  • The creator of a MyGroup will be the team leader.

  • New members can join a MyGroup a) either after an invitation and approval by the leader or any other member of the group. Or B) after their request and its approval by the leader.

  • Every time a member enters or leaves the group, all members are automatically informed via SMS message with the mobile number that came or left the group, the updated number of the team members and the respective discount percentage.

  • In case the leader departs from a MyGroup, he/she may appoint a new leader otherwise the group will be led by the first member of the MyGroup.

  • Any member may depart from a MyGroup at any time.

  • The leader reserves the right to delete any member from a MyGroup.

  • Only the leader can delete a MyGroup. To delete a MyGroup the leader must first delete all members.

  • The registration and the management of a MyGroup is free of charge.

  • The discount will be displayed on the customers' monthly bill.

Cyta reserves the right to deny offering a discount to any customer however, the discount given to the remaining team members will not be affected.