Road Safety
For the 10th successive year, free instruction from Cyta to young conscripts at military camps throughout Cyprus

Firm and unwavering in its promise to stand by the country’s young people when it comes to the serious matter of their safety, Cyta is celebrating its 10th successive year of offering free road safety seminars in military camps across the island.

This year, 46 seminars in total were attended by around 3,250 army conscripts, while in view of the arrival of new conscripts in July, an initial general instruction session is already planned for them at the Education Centres.

This Cyta initiative, which started in 2004, is the continuation of our Organisation’s interest in and support for young people and, in particular, those undertaking their military service, and it has become an institution that responds to parents’ concerns about road safety issues.

The lectures are carried out by a training firm specialising in the subject, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard Head Quarters, and they are part of the Organisation’s broader activities to cultivate road safety among young people through education. These actions on the part of Cyta constitute practical evidence that it honours its signature and commitment to the European Road Safety Charter and they support the efforts being made by the responsible bodies in Cyprus on the issue of road safety to prevent traffic fatalities, especially among young people.

Cyta’s contribution to the shared European goal of reducing road deaths began in 2004 when the Organisation became one of the first 39 organisations from various EU member states to sign the European Road Safety Charter and, in 2009, it officially renewed its commitment.

Since 2004, around 80,000 young people, mainly conscripts, have attended the seminars. Cyta promises to continue to stand by young people and support them in every way possible.

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Cyta has been a member of the European Road Safety Charter since 2004


Public Relations
Cyta Communication Department
3 June 2014