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Telephony & TV bundle

Order online Telephony Plus + TV Package and get as a gift a cordless phone and an Activity Tracker (offer terms).

The Telephony & Televison bundle offers simultaneous use of the telephone and television using the same telephone line.

TV Package:
Total bundle cost:


1. Prices include VAT.
2. The Broadband Telephony (with Telephony Plus) & TV bundle has a connection fee of €121,40.


Broadband Telephony (Telephony Plus) is a service that can be adapted to your personal communication needs. In particular, it expands your current telephony experience by offering you the following:

  • Up to four separate telephone numbers.
  • Free supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call hold, etc.
  • The option to manage online your supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call rejection, activating a distinctive ringtone etc.
  • The ability to make video & voice calls via your computer using Tel OntheGo software.
  • The option of using different types of telephone devices such as:
    • analogue devices or DECT type telephones
    • IP videophones
    • a computer with a headset and camera for videocalls


Cytavision is available in three packages, the Value Pack, the Variety Pack and the Super Pack, offering a complete range of thematic and sports channels according to your interests.

The Value Pack is especially attractive to those who are mainly interested in documentaries, movies and general channels and is enhanced with more sports content on Cytavision Sports 7.

The Variety Pack includes the channels of the Value Pack and is enhanced among others with the Novacinema, Novasports, FOX, FOX Life, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Nickelodeon offering an even greater choice of movies, series, documentaries and children’s programs. The ultimate in entertainment with more than 75 channels!

The Super Pack includes a complete bouquet of all thematic and sports channels in a single package. The ultimate pay TV package from Cytavision, with more than 90 channels.

The Cytavision service offers incredible services and capabilities through your TV, turning conventional TV and satellite packages obsolete, given that you can:

  • Watch the most popular foreign thematic channels and all the Cypriot TV channels.
  • Rent and watch recent Hollywood films (Video On Demand).
  • Watch live and exclusive football, basketball, volleyball and tennis matches as well as various motor sports like Formula 1, MotoGP and WRC.
  • Subscribe to popular premium adult channels (Blue Hustler, Sirina TV, Hustler TV, Redlight TV, Private TV).
  • Receive information on all the channels’ daily programs through the electronic programming guide.