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Telephony & Internet bundle

Order online Telephony Plus + Internet Home and get as a gift a cordless phone and a Wi-Fi Extender (offer terms).

The Broadband Telephony & Internet offers simultaneous use of the telephone and internet using the same telephone line.

Internet Home:
Total bundle cost:


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1. Prices include VAT.
2. The Broadband Telephony (with Telephony Plus) & Internet bundle has a connection fee of €121,40.


Broadband Telephony (Telephony Plus) is a service that can be adapted to your personal communication needs. In particular, it expands your current telephony experience by offering you the following:

  • Up to four separate telephone numbers.
  • Free supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call hold, etc.
  • The option to manage online your supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call rejection, activating a distinctive ringtone etc.
  • The ability to make video & voice calls via your computer using Tel OntheGo software.
  • The option of using different types of telephone devices such as:
    • analogue devices or DECT type telephones
    • IP videophones
    • a computer with a headset and camera for videocalls

Internet Home

The Internet Home service provides broadband access to the Internet using the ADSL2+ technology offering the customer e-mail access on the move via the Cytanet WebMail service.

Additionally the following services & facilities are available to the customer:

  • Free modem with Wi-Fi and router functionalities.
  • Four free e-mail addresses.
  • Free provision of 20MB of personal web space.
  • Free provision of antivirus and antispam email protection.
  • Free provision of Safe Internet for protecting children from illegal, undesirable and harmful internet content.
  • Free provision of the Cytanet Wireless Zone service.
  • Free Technical Service and Customer Support via 8000-8080.