• RED monthly subscription

Mobile Internet Bundles

Mobile Internet from Cytamobile-Vodafone provides access to the internet everywhere in Cyprus, with clear charges and full control of your bill.

Just choose one of the monthly bundles that suits your needs or if you are an occasional user you can surf with a daily charge.

Mobile Internet for local use (For customers with monthly plans).

Mobile Internet Daily Plan
Daily traffic volume Daily charge
0 - 20 kB €0,00
20 kB - 5 MB €0,51
5 ΜΒ - 30 ΜB €1,12
For 30ΜΒ more than the first 30ΜΒ €1,12

Mobile Internet pay monthly plans
Plan Monthly fee Volume included Charge for additional usage
Mobile Internet 30MB €4 30MB €2 / 10ΜΒ
Mobile Internet 300MB €9 300MB €2,5 / 100ΜΒ
Mobile Internet 1GB €15 1GB €3,5 / 256ΜΒ

Customers that are using a RED plan are already enjoying Mobile Internet since they have volume included in their plans. The service is also offered to all other MakeYourOwn and Classic customers as well as soeasy pay as you go plans' customers whilst in Cyprus and abroad.

MakeYourOwn customers can add one of the Mobile Internet Bundles up to 1GB, while Classic customers can add either the 30MB or the 300MB bundle.

There is a minimum time period of 90 days, as a prerequisite for the addition of any mobile internet package.

Upgrades of mobile internet package to a higher one is limited to once every 30 days, whereas downgrade to a package with lower allowance or termination of a package is limited to once every 90 days.

Order Mobile Internet Bundles (full site)

For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.