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Live Streaming

CYTANET’s Live Streaming Service provides real-time access to live broadcasts over the internet. The service gives you a chance to watch live football and basketball matches in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

In order to use CYTANET’s Live Streaming Service, you must first register and credit your electronic basket. This procedure takes a few minutes, depending on how familiar you are with internet purchases; we therefore suggest you allow yourself enough time before the beginning of the match.

For more information:

Description Charges Charging Period
Cytanet customer 7 Units PER MATCH
Other network customer 13 Units PER MATCH
Customer from abroad 7 Units PER MATCH
Recorded match 3 Units PER MATCH

Note: 1 unit = €1 (Prices include VAT).

Registering and crediting your electronic basket is done following the simple steps below:

Step 1. Register to CYTANET’s Live Streaming Service by filling in your personal information here.

In the field "Email", type your electronic address (e-mail) and in the field "Password" you will set your personal secret password, which you will use each time you wish to watch a match. The registration will be done only the first time you use the Service.

Step 2. Credit your electronic basket, using your credit card. Each credit corresponds to €1 (eg. €10 = 10 credits. These credits will be used whenever you wish to watch a match. Make sure you have enough credits in your basket before proceeding to watch the match. Any unused credits will be at your disposal for your next viewing.

  1. Select the number of credits you wish to buy from the preselected prices and then click on “next”.
  2. You will be transferred to JCC’s webpage. Follow the instructions on the page in order to buy credits. When you finish, your basket will be credited.

Step 3. Select the match you want and click on [More]. Following that, accept the terms and then click on [accept]. You will proceed to watch the match and the corresponding credits will be deducted from the basket. If there are not enough credits, go back to Step 2.

Note: For certain matches of the UEFA Leagues, you will be directed to UEFA’s web page, from which you can buy access and view them using your credit card. In that case your electronic basket in CYTANET will not be dedited. CYTANET makes every effort to ensure that most of the UEFA matches, especially those in which Cypriot teams participate, will be transmitted by its own live streaming platform.

Registration is necessary only the first time you will use the new service.

Every other time, you will be able to type in your e-mail and password to connect and, provided that you have enough credits, you will directly be able to watch the match.

If you do not have enough credits, follow Step 2 above.

The minimum system requirements for Live Streaming are:

  • A browser with the add-on Flash Plugin, version 11.5 or later installed
  • Fast broadband Internet access (minimum speed 350kbps)
  • Temporarily deactivate applications such as firewalls or popup blockers which can cause problems with the service
  • Javascript must be activated on your Internet browser

Watch your favorite teams play live online, from any PC or laptop with an active internet connection at home or in the office, anywhere in the world.