Broadband Telephony


Telephony Plus service expands your telephony experience offering you flexibility and exclusive benefits in a single package including:

The option to install up to four separate telephone numbers.

Free supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call hold, etc.

The ability to make video and voice calls via your computer using the Tel OntheGo software.

The option to manage and configure online the service through My Cyta.

Mini UPS Adapter iPower 2100-12
Battery life: 120min for 12V 1.5A Router Battery Liion 2600mAh

For the uninterrupted operation of your Telecommunication Services offered through modem/router, in case of a power outage.
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Additional Broadband Telephony services and Discount Schemes

Fixed Telephony Economy Plans

Set up your own economy plan and save on your telephones calls!

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International Call Package

Select the international call package and communicate carefree with friends and family abroad.
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Talk & Save - Business Discount scheme

Save up to 20% on your calls to numbers in Cyprus or abroad.

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Combine telephony, internet and television according to your needs

Telephony + Internet


from €34,56 /price

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Telephony + TV


from €32,74 /price

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Telephony + Internet + TV

+ +

from €46,56 /price

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