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IP-VPN over DSL Access

Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPNs) provide solutions that enable companies with more than one company location (branches, offices, etc.) to link these various locations together in a single private network. VPN connections are deployed over a shared infrastructure but with the same policies and security features enjoyed by private networks.

Thanks to VPN technology, the dispersed parts of a company can now be linked in an efficient and cost-effective way. The geographical location, therefore, of the company’s various parts is no longer a problem as far as communications, organization and management are concerned. VPNs are the ideal way of linking remote offices, allowing them to communicate easily, connecting employees to critical business applications and sharing information with other parts of the company, wherever they may be located.

To create a Virtual Private Network, you must first choose the access medium over which your company’s equipment at each site/location will be connected to the VPN. Τhe following options are available:

IP-VPN connection to the business network over DSL Access line
(speed download/upload)
Installation Subscription
Home5Mbps (5Mbps/800kbps) €101,90 €17,83
Home10Mbps (10Mbps/800kbps) €101,90 €29,87
Home20Mbps (20Μbps/800kbps) €101,90 €36,05
Business10Mbps (10Mbps/1Mbps) €130,90 €54,74
Business20Mbps (20Mbps/1Mbps) €130,90 €72,59
Business30Mbps (30Mbps/2Mbps) €130,90 €86,87
Business50Mbps (50Mbps/8Mbps) €130,90 €94,01
Business100Mbps (100Mbps/8Mbps) €130,90 €110,67
Combined connection to the IP-VPN and the Internet via DSL Access:
Business10Mbps (10Mbps/1Mbps) €130,90 €73,78
Business20Mbps (20Mbps/1Mbps) €130,90 €97,58
Business30Mbps (30Mbps/2Mbps) €130,90 €111,86
Business50Mbps (50Mbps/8Mbps) €130,90 €120,19
Business100Mbps (100Mbps/8Mbps) €130,90 €139,23


  1. The above charges include VAT at 19%.
  2. The enhanced upload speed, up to 4Mbps, is offered to access lines with download speed 10Mbps or above, at a monthly subscription of €8,33 (incl. VAT)
  3. The combined connection provides access to the IP-VPN business network and the internet over the same physical line.
  4. The above prices include the charges of the DSL Access, but do not include the charges of the telephone line or the broadband services access.
Provision/ Usage Instructions
The access medium is chosen based on the specific bandwidth requirements of each location so that it can communicate effectively with the rest of your company’s branches/locations. Based on the access medium chosen, each separate location will be connected to the nearest MPLS node on the Cyta network. Cyta creates the appropriate configurations through its IP/MPLS network so that a secure private network is created among all your company’s separate locations.

The various network parameters are set up according to your company’s requirements so that your VPN runs according to its specific needs.
For more information you can contact your Business Consultant or call the Business Customer Service at 150.