Phone Finder

Phone Finder can help you find a person/s or businesses/s phone number and other details as listed in the yellow pages.

-Find a person: You can find a person/s phone number by entering the town, part of or the whole surname, the first name (part or all) and the area s/he lives in. As it is likely that there are a lot of people with the same surname and name it might be better to specify as much information as possible.

-Find a business: You can find a business by entering any part of the business name. The result will be alphabetically ordered and will contain as many persons or places satisfy your criteria. In case of SMS, the result is restricted to 160 characters.

-Taxis, cinemas restaurants: You can find the telephone numbers of taxis, cinemas, and restaurants as listed in CYTA yellow pages. You need to specify the town and some letters of the name of the place you are looking for (e.g. taxi ni kyr, rest li pa, cine pa oth).