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Call Waiting

If people complain that they can’t contact you because your line is always busy, you need Call Waiting. This service lets you answer all your calls… even when you are speaking on the telephone.

If you are on the phone and someone is trying to call you, you will hear a tone. You can then:

  • Interrupt your first call and answer the second.
  • Answer the second call and then return to the first.
  • Speak to either person while the other is kept waiting.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection FeeFree of charge-
SubscriptionFree of charge-
Dial * 4 3 #
You need to do this only once

Dial # 4 3 #

When you are on the telephone and someone calls you, both you and the caller will hear a tone, and not the engaged tone.

You have the following options:

  • End the first call and switch to the second by pressing R and 1 or hanging up the telephone.
  • Keep the first person waiting and switch the second by pressing R and 2.
  • Return to the first person by pressing R and 2.

The R key may differ according to the handset. In some it is Recall or F or Flash. If your handset does not have any of these keys, you can open and close the line by pressing momentarily and then releasing the hook on your telephone.

On some handsets the Flash key may not operate according to Cyta specifications in which case the service will not function properly.

Call Waiting is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers who submit an application.
Talk without feeling bad
You won’t miss important calls when your telephone is busy.

With this service, you don’t need a second line.

Be free to choose
If someone calls you while you are on the phone, you decide whether to answer or not.

Switch calls as often as you want
It’s easy to switch from one call to another.