Questions / Answers

1. Who is eligible to use the Online Ordering and ebill service?

All Cyta customers are eligible to use the service, whether they are individuals or legal entities (companies, organisations, partnerships, etc).

2. How do I apply for the Online Ordering and ebill service?

• For placing orders online and accessing billing information and paying your bills electronically:
Applications may be submitted electronically through this site or in person at any cytashop.
• For accessing your itemised statement of calls:
Applications must be submitted in person at any cytashop and upon presentation of your Identity Card (passport for non-EU nationals) in case you are an individual or by an authorised representative in the case of legal entities.

3. Why my application for the service can’t be submitted?

If the system does not allow you to submit an application, you will receive one of the following messages:
a. “A previous application for access by this customer to the online ordering and ebill service has been submitted. The present application has not been approved”. This message appears when an application has already been made (possibly by another person) for the same customer number and a second application is now being made. In such a case, if you believe that the person who may have obtained your password should not have access to the service or if you do not know who has obtained your password, please contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132.
b. “The telephone number you have provided does not belong to you or the customer number you have provided does not exist”. In such a case, please enter the correct information and re-submit your application.

4. How much does the Online Ordering and ebill service cost?

The service is offered completely free to all Cyta customers.

5. How do I access the service?

You can access the Online Ordering and ebill service by entering your username and password on the access page of the service at Cyta’s website at

6. How do I obtain a username and password?

Your username is your customer number as it appears on the monthly bills that you receive from Cyta. Once your application for access to the Online Ordering and ebill service is processed, within no more than five working days you will be sent a password in a sealed envelope. This will be sent to the billing address of the telephone number stated in your application.

7. When will I receive my password?

Your password will be sent in a sealed envelope within no more than five working days to the billing address stated in your application.

8. What are the most likely reasons for my first application being rejected?

Possible errors in your application might be the following:
• Providing a customer number that is not your own
• Providing a wrong customer number
• Providing a telephone number, to the billing address of which you wish the password to be sent, when this is not your own.

9. Do I require a special browser in order to access the Online Ordering and ebill service?

To access the service you require Internet Explorer version 6.X and above or Firefox 3.X and above.

10. How can I terminate my access to the service?

You can terminate your access to the service electronically by selecting ‘‘Registration & Login’’ and then ‘‘Terminate Service’’ after loging in to ‘‘My Account’’.

11. What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, go to the “Forgotten your password?” section under the ‘‘Registration & Login’’. You will be asked to enter your username and to answer the question that you entered in your initial log in to the service. The question will appear when you enter your username.

12. How can I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting “Registration & Login” and then “Change Password” after loging in to ‘‘My Account’’.

13. How can I send written questions or suggestions about the Online Ordering and ebill service?

If you have questions, suggestions or comments about the Online Ordering and ebill service that you wish to send in writing, please send us an email by selecting ‘’Contact us’’.

14. Will my personal details or billing information be revealed to a third party without my consent?

Your personal details and billing information will not be revealed to any other person without your consent.

15. Can anyone else obtain access to my personal details or billing information?

Access to certain personal and billing information is available only to specific, specialist individuals at Cyta. These individuals may obtain access only to the absolutely essential information required for managing the service.

16. How will my e-mail address be used?

Your e-mail address will be used in case we need to contact you with matters concerning the Online Ordering and ebill service.