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Solution for FOREX companies


In the FOREX world, communication is critical. You need a trusted business partner who understands your needs and offers you secure and reliable solutions. That’s why we have designed this solution exclusively for investment firms operating in Cyprus. The solution offers the content unit at Cyta’s high standards of quality and safety.

  • Business International Zone for up to 60% lower call rates to 170 international destinations.
  • International Numbers for 70 overseas destinations.
  • Call Recording for calls on fixed or mobile numbers.
  • International Call Packages to EU with RED for additional minutes to fixed and mobile numbers.
New to Cyta? Transfer all your communication services to Cyta, free of charge and get monthly discounts of up to 25% with the Business Start plan.
The Forex Communication Solution is designed to accommodate your needs and it offers the following:
Business International Zone

Up to 60% lower call charges when you call from your company’s fixed telephone numbers towards 170 international destinations. Extremely low calling rates accompanied by an excellent communication quality.

The service is available for Business Telephony services (Telephony Small Business, Business Telephony and Business Telephony for PBX (SIP) services).

International Numbers

Obtain foreign fixed telephone numbers at 70 countries for your calls overseas.

This means that outgoing calls from Cyprus to those countries will display the local number of the country instead of your Cypriot number. Your customers and partners abroad will be able to call you on the phone number of their country and will be charged local rates, while the call will be routed to your Cypriot number. When you call abroad, you will be charged the fixed international rates. Having International Numbers means more opportunities to expand to new areas and markets with confidence as there are no missed calls.

The service is available for Business Telephony and Business Telephony for PBX (SIP) services.

Call Recording

Record incoming and outgoing calls to and from your company’s Agents and/or Call Center, as required by the MiFID II directive, which provides that orders and negotiations done over the phone should be recorded and stored safely for a certain time. These records act as proof of the transaction in the event of a dispute between the parties involved. The Call Recording service will automatically inform your client that the call will be recorded.

The service will be available end of November for to Business Telephony services (Telephony Small Business, Business Telephony and Telephony for PBX (SIP) services).

International Call Packages to EU with RED

Add International voice minutes to your Red plan and make calls to fixed and mobile numbers within the European Union at a much lower cost.

The International Call Packages to EU with RED are available to Red Plans of Cytamobile Vodafone.