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About Cytavision

What is Cytavision?
Cytavision is a pioneering service which is the result of the convergence between information technology and digital TV transmission in order to serve all the customer’s needs in terms of entertainment, information and communication.

Cytavision carries digital sound and vision through a telephone line and delivers it through a Set-Top Box to the customer’s TV.
Why subscribe?
Cytavision service utilises the advantage of ADSL technology and offers the customer a complete and integrated solution for his entertainment and communication needs, since it provides:
  • Reception of a high quality digital picture and sound
  • Several thematic channels
  • Greek and foreign movies
  • Use of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Simultaneous use of telephony, Internet and TV, with the use of a single telephone line.
  • 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days quality, variety of entertainment and information for all the family.
Do I need an extra telephone line for Cytavision?
No, your existing telephone line can be used since you can be simultaneously connected to Cytavision, internet (Cyta-DSL) and telephony services.
How can I subscribe to Cytavision?

You may apply for Cytavision service with one of the following ways:

  1. Place your order online at the following address
  2. Visit any Cytashop all over Cyprus and complete an application form.
  3. Call 132.

In all cases you need to visit any Cytashop in order to sign the terms and conditions for the provision of the service. For further information on DSL Access please call 132 at the Customer Services Telephone Enquiry Office.

What does Cytavision offer?

The basic package offers the following:
- Τhe most popular foreign thematic TV channels (news, documentaries, sports, music, cartoons)
- Cypriot TV Channels, CyBC1, CyBC2, ANT1, Sigma, OMEGA, CNC PLUS TV, NEW EXTRA TV, CAPITAL TV
- The TV Guide with features such as Channel Filtering, Change Language of a channel etc
- Time Shifted Programms allowing you to view programms already showed on local channels but you missed. You can view programms up to 3 days before! (free of charge)
- Local Content
- Sending and Receiving e-mails
- Rent a movie from barker channel directly as you watch the trailer (coming up soon)
- TV Self Subscription allowing you to subscripe to the Prenium Channels directly from TV (coming up soon)
- Access to the Internet (Web TV) (offered at a later stage)

Services with additional charge:
- Adult Channel
- Video on Demand

How can Cytavision be compared to satellite packages? Why should I prefer to install Cytavision instead of any other satellite or cable systems?

- The quality of the picture and the sound is better.
- There is no need to install aerials and/or satellite dishes.
- Cytavision is interactive.

And furthermore to the above Cytavision offers:
- Video on Demand
- TSTV (no charge)
- Rent from Barker Channel
- TV Self subscription
- Channel Filtering etc