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Technical Information - Installation

Will I need an electrician for any network changes before being connected to Cytavision? Who is responsible for the installation of Cytavision?
Cyta technicians will carry out the installation of Cytavision even if this requires extending the network from one room to another, without any extra charge, according to the customers' guidance.
Provision for Cytavision service
Provision for Cytavision and Cyta-DSL services
Can I watch different programs of Cytavision from different TV sets in my house?
Yes, with the condition that there are two Cytavision decoders at home.
How the TV set is connected to the Set Top Box (STB)?
The decoder can be connected with your TV Set with Scart-Scart and HDMI-HDMI cables depending on your TV inputs. If your internal television network is connected through RF cabling and you wish to remain that way you can get RF modulators from specialized stores.