Telephony & Internet FAQs

Safe Internet service

What is Safe Internet?

Safe Internet service filters Internet content and blocks Internet applications. Filtering is applied to the whole of your home Internet connection and to any device using it, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. that connect via your home’s Wi-Fi or wired network.

What are the advantages of the service?

Some of the most important advantages of the Safe Internet service are the following:

  • Filtering is applied to every device that connects to the Internet via your home’s Wi-Fi or wired network.
  • You have a choice of profiles: “Strict”, “Moderate” and “Light”.
  • Filtering is applied to Greek-language websites.
  • Blocking of device applications.
  • Setting up of Whitelists/Blacklists of URLs to which the user wishes to have or not have access.
  • You may determine the days and hours of Internet access.
  • Illustrated weekly service usage/filtering statistics.
  • Deactivation of filtering when required.
  • Remote management of the service at
Who can take advantage of Safe Internet?

Safe Internet - for Home is offered to all residential customers using any Internet Home product.

How can I acquire/activate Safe Internet?

You can contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132 or visit any Cytashop and ask to activate Safe Internet. Once activated, the service is immediately applied to the whole of your Internet Home connection. You will receive an e-mail with your username and password for the service.

What is my username for the Safe Internet service?

Your username is your e-mail address.

Where do I use the password I was given when Safe Internet was activated?

The password that you were sent upon activation of the service is used for managing the service at and for non-filtered access to specific websites for a time period of your choice.

Can I change the password that I was given when the service was activated?

Yes, you can change your password at

What are the categories of online content that Safe Internet service filters?
Which profiles can I choose and which categories does each one block?

The profiles are the “Strict”, which is the strictest and is mainly for young children up to the age of 12, the Moderate”, which is strict but allows the use of social networks, videos and online storage, and the “Light”, which is less strict and is mainly for children over 13. To see the categories blocked by each profile, click here.

Can I amend a profile?
No, you cannot amend any of the profiles.
Can I have non-filtered Internet access?

Yes, you can have non-filtered Internet access for a specific period of time. You can override the filtering system in the following ways:

  • By using the “Override Filtering” option on the service management website, you can remove filtering from the whole of your home Internet connection for a specific time period. When the specific profile is applied, there will be no filtering of any connected device.
  • By selecting the “Allow All Access” option on the service management website under “Days and times of online blocking”, you can determine specific times and days when no filtering is applied to your Internet connection. When this option is selected, there will be no filtering of any connected device during the days and times you have chosen.
  • By using your password while browsing the Internet, you have the option of non-filtered access to specific websites for the time period of your choice. Please note that this option does not apply to https URLs. 
What do the service statistics in the “Reports” section refer to?

The statistics refer to the activity on the whole of your home’s Internet connection and not to a specific user.

I chose the “Override Filtering” option and selected 6 (six) hours of no filtering but I have changed my mind. What should I do?

Go to the service management website, click on “Override Filtering” and deactivate the option. Filtering will be resumed.

Does Safe Internet service restrict access to websites with an https URL?

Yes, the service does not allow access to https addresses, which are included in a category to which access is restricted. In such a case, you will not see the Access Denied message from the service but a message from your browser that says you cannot access the website. For example, if access to Social Networks category is not permitted, you will see a message from your browser each time you try to access any related https address. If you wish to visit such a site, you need to use one of the above ways to gain non-filtered Internet access described above.

I am trying to add websites like Facebook to my Whitelist but I can’t. Why?

In some instances, you will be prevented from adding websites such as to your Whitelist because such sites are also filtered by the “Block Application” system. If you wish to visit such sites, you need to use one of the ways mentioned to gain non-filtered Internet access described above.

I have selected the “Moderate”/”Light” profile and I am trying to watch a video on YouTube but it does not open. Why?

The Safe Internet service aiming at your best possible protection, has enabled You Tube's Restricted Mode feature. This feature restricts access to any video considered by You Tube as inappropriate content. Also with this feature, no comments on videos are displayed.