Mobile FAQs

Roaming Like at Home

Does Roaming Like at Home apply to all Cyta's subscribers?

Yes, according to the European Roaming Regulation Like at Home, all subscribers can use their domestic mobile tariff plan within the European Zone, with no extra charge.

For subscribers who do not have a mobile tariff plan with included minutes, SMS, MB eg. Classic, the local charges apply as approved by the OCECPR (€ 0.09 / minute, € 0.035 / SMS, € 0.03 / MB).

In which destinations does Roaming Like at Home apply?

You may find here the destinations included in Roaming Like at Home.

When travelling in the EU how will I know that Roaming Like at Home starts to apply?

Every time you travel outside Cyprus, upon arrival in an EU country, you will receive a text message (SMS) informing you that Roaming Like at Home applies, of the relevant charges as well as of a contact number where you may call for extra information on the fees that apply.

How long can I stay in the EU and enjoy the benefits of Roaming Like at Home?

Roaming Like at Home refers to subscribers who travel periodically in the EU and not for use on a permanent roaming basis.

Specifically, in accordance to the roaming regulation Fair Use Policy, when for a continuous period of 120 days you have a prevailing presence and consumption (more than 50% of your total consumption) in any EU country in relation to Cyprus, it will be considered that you violate the rules of the Fair Use Policy.

In this case you will receive an SMS that will inform and ask you to change your behavior in the roaming environment or to clarify the situation. If within two weeks from the first warning your usage continuous to fall outside the Fair Use Policy, additional roaming charges will apply based on the Fair Use Policy.

How will I know when my usage does not comply with the Fair Use Policy?

According to the European Regulation, in the case that Cyta detected a violation of the Fair Use Policy, you will be informed by SMS of the additional charges that will start applying.

Specifically, you will be notified by an SMS that if your usage does not comply with the Fair Use Policy within 14 days, there will be an additional charge for as long as this happens. If by the end of the 14 days, your usage continues to be inconsistent with the Fair Use Policy you will be notified by a second SMS that surcharges will start to apply from the day that the first SMS was received.

What charges will be imposed if my usage does not comply with the FUP?

Additional charges will apply while you are abroad, if you do not comply with the Fair Use Policy.

These charges are as follows:

  • €0.0381 / min
  • €0.0119 / SMS
  • €0.00357 / MB

The charges will be applied at the end of the month, based on your usage from the day you received the first warning message.

When will the surcharges cease to apply?

The surcharges will cease to apply and the regulated roaming prices within the EU zone will be re-applied when it is found that over the previous 4 months there is a prevailing presence and consumption in Cyta’s network or when the client returns to Cyprus.

Does Roaming Like At Home cover international calls made from Cyprus to other EU countries?

No, international calls from Cyprus to other EU countries are not included in the RLAH regulation. Roaming Like at Home covers communications (calls, SMS, data) made when roaming in the EU.

Does the EU Roaming Regulation apply to ships and airplanes within the EU?

As long as you are connected to a terrestrial mobile network, the Roaming Like at Home applies.

Otherwise if you are connected to satellite mobile network on board of ships or planes, then the charges are not subject to Roaming Like at Home charges.

To avoid high charges it is suggested that you use wifi (if available) or switch off mobile data on your phone, when travelling by ship or airplane.

Are calls or SMS to premium numbers included in Roaming Like At Home?

With Roaming Like At Home, there’s no extra charge to use your local mobile plan allowance of minutes, SMS and MB in the EU.

However, calls to non-geographic, premium rate, and other non-standard numbers (e.g., 77XXXXXX, 800XXXXX) aren’t included and bear an additional charge.

Will I be charged for receiving my voicemail messages when I am abroad?

If traveling in countries within the EU, you will not be charged for receiving a text message and / or messages that will end up in your voicemail. If you choose to listen to a message in your voicemail, then you will be charge for calling to Cyprus.

In other countries outside the EU, for the messages that reach your voicemail you will be charged based on the international roaming rates as applicable to each country.

To avoid any unforeseen charges while you are abroad, you may temporarily deactivate call transfer or call forwarding to your mobile voicemail.

How do I protect myself from high charges for using mobile Internet while roaming?

According to European regulation to protect against excessive roaming charges for Mobile Internet , you will be notified via email or pop up when your account for roaming Mobile Internet reaches € 40 (excluding VAT) and again when the account reaches € 50 , and then the service will be suspended.

You can continue to use the service by raising your limit to € 100, € 200, € 500, € 1500 or € 3000 by the end of the month through the menu that will appear on your device. The limit is reset to € 50 on the 1st of the next month.

If you wish, you may choose a higher permanent exemption roaming monthly limit., by calling 132.

Are there are any restrictions for voice calls SMS and mobile data while roaming in the EU?

If you have unlimited voice calls and SMS in your country, you will get unlimited voice calls and SMS when roaming in the EU.

Please note that Cyta implements a Fair Use Policy, which provides that the plans, which include unlimited local minutes and / or local SMS are offered for interpersonal communication and for private, personal use of the service. Under no circumstances is their use allowed for profit purposes or for resale of the service.