Mobile FAQs

MakeYourOwn pay monthly plan

Which customers can register with the plan?
MakeYourOwn is available only for legal entities.
How much does it cost to register with the plan?
Switch from Classic -> Free
Switch from soeasy -> €10,00 (incl. VAT)
Switch from other networks -> Free
New connection -> €20,69 (incl. VAT)
When can I register with the plan?
You can register at any time. Charges for subscriptions are calculated on a daily basis, while customers are entitled to all the talk time, text messaging (SMS) and Mobile Internet that they have chosen.
Is there a minimum selection I have to make?
You must select at least one (1) of the TALK (talk time) packages.
How can I find out what to choose or what suits me best?
- Log in to My Cyta.
- Contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132.
What will I be charged if I terminate the 12/24 month contract before it expires?
Any customer wishing to terminate his/her 12/24-month contract before it expires is obliged to settle an early termination charge of €25.
Where can I use my talk time, Text Messaging (SMS) and Mobile Internet?
- TALK package talk time can be used for calls made in Cyprus to fixed and mobile phones of ALL networks.
- Text Messaging (SMS) applies to texts sent from Cyprus to all national networks.
- Mobile Internet is for Internet use on a mobile phone when you are in Cyprus.
What happens to the talk time, Text Messaging (SMS) and Mobile Internet that is not used during the month?
The unused TALK package talk time, Text Messaging (SMS) and Mobile Internet of one month cannot be transferred to the next month and will be deleted.
Can a company register with the new plan in conjunction with BBT-Mobile?
Yes, a company can choose a MakeYourOwn plan and combine it with the BBT-Mobile service, i.e. choose an in-house plan (90, 200, Unlimited). The charges applied after the talk time of the in-house plan is used are different from those of the TALK package and will not be included in the TALK package.
Does the Monthly Use Limit apply?
Yes, but the limit chosen by the customer applies to services covered by any package (TALK, Text Messaging (SMS), Mobile Internet, Handset) that he/she has NOT selected. For example, if a customer has selected a €25 MakeYourOwn plan and puts a limit of €15, this means €25+€15 = €40. If the customer exceeds the €15 limit, call barring comes into force, irrespective of whether unused talk time, Text Messaging (SMS) and Mobile Internet from his/her chosen plan are still available.